Queue de castor

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Let’s round out the top 5 list with a trip to a place that dessert dreams are made of, Queue de Castor (aka Beavertails).  The list of desserts includes all sorts of chocolate, cinnamon and sugar, peanut butter and so many more flavors. These pastries can be complemented by Frapp-eh!s, hot chocolate or even smoothies.  And don’t worry- if you haven’t gotten your fill of poutine yet, try it out at Queue de Castor as well.


So now that you’re ready to be in awe of fireworks,  hang out on some terraces, listen to some tunes and eat the sweet and savory sides of the spectrum, hit the road. Montreal will be waiting for you, as will the crew at Purple Luxe. We look forward to sharing our #LuxeLife city of Montreal with you!