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These describe your standards for your wardrobe as a fashionista, business and career women. You remember as well that accessories make the outfit. If there is any place to truly invest in your wardrobe, it’s accessories. A statement necklace can completely transform that basic black dress–and take you from day to evening in 30 seconds.

You want to take it one step further. 
You want to find the perfect accessory.

These days, luxury brands market the obvious accessories; bags, shoes, necklace, rings, watches… You name it! Don’t get us wrong; while they are amazing and essential, you are just wearing one of the hundreds of the same item and might even run into someone wearing the same! 

How special do you feel now? 

Do you feel Bold?
Do you feel Unique? Do you feel Iconic?

No, no you don’t…

How are you expected to express yourself through the accessories you wear if they are not setting you apart from the rest? The way us women define their looks goes beyond mixing and matching. It is rather a process that involves little details, which make a difference between a good outfit and a great one. Women love to set themselves apart with accessories.




Purple Luxe is a premier online label of premium cufflinks. We also have fashion-forward shirts and silk blouses with more rounded cuffs for a distinctive yet feminine look. Inspired by fashionistas, business and career women’s lifestyle, we conceived the Purple Luxe brand to elevate women’s fashion. All products are crafted out of materials of the highest quality, redefining the role of cufflinks in women’s style.


Our cufflinks are designed and made with the utmost care to reflect genuine craftsmanship and originality. With 12 exclusive designs, any fashion-forward women will find modern, vintage and urban inspired cufflinks that can suit her style.

Although our models vary in materials, they are all made of pure silver sterling (.925) and can be plated with 14k GoldOur cufflinks are truly valuable items that will pass the test of time!




Silver Sterling; and/or
14k plated Gold




Oxidized, Brushed or Polished
Purple Luxe engraved backs


Items come pre-boxed
Made In Montreal


But, are cufflinks
for men only?

Some might still associate cufflinks as a “man thing”, but make no mistake – this accessory is for anyone wanting to step up their game. It’s one of today’s best casual to glam accessory. Many have associated cufflinks with rules, or guidelines, regarding when it’s appropriate to wear cufflinks and when you should not.

However, we are in an era where we have the power to define things for yourself.

It all comes down to YOUR choice. 

Do you want to stick with the rules and wear cufflinks only when wearing a jacket? Or, do you wear cufflinks as a jewelry, as an accessory that can be worn during day as well as evening time?

Wear Purple Luxe cufflinks and you will experience endless possibilities for your wardrobe!


What other women love about this product?

Many women love to wear cufflinks. Whether it is at work, at a cocktail or a glamorous event, cufflinks instantly attract the attention and give personality and a “je-ne-sais-quoi” to your style.

Lately, the fashion statements have tried to create a “less is more” kind of fashion, but those who think that cufflinks are out of date or they are something only the wealthiest people wear, are certainly mistaken.

There are quite a few reasons why you should be wearing cufflinks:


There is nothing more important than being able to give your potential employers the right first impression for a job. A lot of employers mention how they have always found the first impression to be a crucial factor to consider hiring a candidate… We’ve all heard the statement “first impressions last”.

For Work

If you are in a position that requires you to look as elegant as possible, you will truly stand out when you know how to choose the right kind of cufflinks for your suit and you will be glad that you decided to wear them. You will enhance your look and for many workplaces it is all about perception, what type of worker do you want to be perceived as?

Special Events

You should always be ready to look your very best when a special social occasion is near. You will probably attend plenty of cocktail, evening events and business promotion parties in your lifetime, so it’s always a great idea to wear a pair of cufflinks, which make for a great look and enables you to stand out from the crowd.

There is no way to deny that looking fashionable is always something that will open more doors for you in life. The way people perceive us will always have a lot to do with the way they treat us. This might not sound fair, but that is the way we are as a society. If you are in this world with the goal of being successful, you will find it essential to maintain a very powerful and attractive look, wearing a pair of cufflinks is a subtle and classy way to make a statement, the right statement. Remember confidence is your best accessory. Ladies, go flaunt those cufflinks!

Look at our social proof!


We are sure you would like to acquire this piece of accessory for your wardrobe. We understand. We have a great limited-time offer for you. Our cufflinks Pérèl Cufflinks have been the most sought after accessories.

Pérèl Cufflinks are considered as such… Go baroque! Our twisted wire with this gorgeous freshwater pearl to create gorgeous pieces that would look great with the perfect outfit for a cocktail or a wedding.

Order Pérèl cufflinks and you'll only pay $149 USD, which is 53% off its original price!

It’s superb value!

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Take a look at its features:




Pearl with twisted wire

Oxidized & Polished Purple Luxe engraved backs   


Silver Sterling

Freshwater pearl / 11mm diameter


Weight: 20 g
Items come pre-boxed

Made in Montreal


This offer is only good for a limited-time after which the Pérèl will return to its original price, which is $285 USD.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!


Until then,

Love, peace and cufflinks


Purple Luxe


P.S. This is a non-refundable investment. We trust you to make a wise and thoughtful decision. I'm sure that by now you can see that you won't find these benefits anywhere else with these valuable cufflinks. Click Here To Order Now!

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