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Discovering Your Unique Style Made Simple

How Miranda designed her incredible new look

Miranda always Imagined how fabulous it would feel to have a stunning new style that touched her soul.

Price: $ 120



I absolutely love these cufflinks, they were exactly what I was looking for. I thought will be small, but it is just perfect! Does fit perfectly and looks absolutely glamorous! It allows me to rediscover a new accessory, as a business woman I need something different and classy and I finally found it with cufflinks.
— Marie-Claire Simon, Montreal



Brass; and/or
14k plated Gold

Oxidized, Brushed or Polished
Purple Luxe engraved backs

Items come pre-boxed
Made In Montreal



Miranda dreamed of a bold new look that spoke her language.

She was tired of the same old boring styles that made her look like everyone else. She wanted to stand out in the crowd and not blend in.

She Longed for top quality accessories that reflected the quality of her character and hard work. She had a vision of amazing accessories that would last the test of time while still looking fabulous, classy, and stylish.

She wanted a selection of assorted gorgeous designs that could be customized to match her distinctive fashion sense. She knew the exact look and style she wanted and knew she deserved to have it. She wanted the power to take beautiful accessories and brand them with her one of a kind style.

She needed to find extraordinary jewelry that has been delicately handcrafted into little masterpieces. She was determined to find this treasure trove of timeless bobbles and she was driven to find a way to create a style that was all her own.


Miranda finally discovered the, “ Free Style Guide From Purple Luxe.” The guide confirmed that the fashion industry cannot decide what she is or is not supposed to wear. The guide empowered her to break out of the box, make a bold statement, and feel special.

Now, she doesn’t have to feel like she is blending into the crowd like a fashion clone. She is happy and satisfied when she leaves work or social events. She knows her style is in complete harmony with her extraordinary personality.


These were a present for Christmas and I was really happy, really lovely quality and beautifully presented in a box. They came quickly and the presentation box was really a nice touch and when opening the box and the
cuff links were revealed, I could not believe my luck I couldn’t have expected any better. Love them, the quality and the size, everything was spot on. Love them.
— Emily Blanc, Los Angeles
I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so in love with an accessory before! There are cuff links for the days I’m feeling girly and for the days I’m feeling funky! There are literally the coolest female cufflinks for every single day of the week and not to mention they are Canadian made, Purple Luxe is the whole package!
— Tosh Wood, Saskatchewan

Discovering Your Unique Style Made Simple

Start your style journey like Miranda! Get your unique style guide and 38% off of our stunning Queen cufflinks. Our guide let's you customize a look and style that is a perfect reflection of your individual personality and creativity.

Price: $ 120