We get it…

Not having your pair of cufflinks is your #MissingLinks!

Cufflinks add so much to an outfit.

But, you probably want to know how to put on cufflinks.

Step 1.

With your shirt on, pinch the cuffs of your sleeve. You may be tempted to fold the edges of the cuffs together to form a cylinder. Don't do this... it's best to wear your cuffs in the manner shown in the video. This way is much more appropriate and voguish!

Step 2.

Insert the cufflink through both aligned holes in the shirt's cuff. The ornamental part of the cufflink should face the outside when your arm is at your side.

Step 3.

On the backside of the cuff, flip the bar to hold the cufflink in place.

And voilà!

This is how to put on cufflinks in 3 simple steps.

Now, not all cuff shirts and blouses are created equal, especially for women.

In our next post, we will see what should you expect from a cuff shirt.

Until then,




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