Bring some simple, classic beauty to any outfit with Pérèl, the cufflink of the month.  This cufflink is made from silver sterling and freshwater pearl. The silver has a twisted style and is oxidized and polished to have a beautiful shine as long as you wear them.

The simple but stunning pairing of silver and pearl can be worn with many different outfits, particularly perfectly for weddings.  If weddings are not on your social calendar, a night out for cocktails or business meetings would be places that your Perel cufflinks would be right at home.

As with any lady who wears pearls, Perel is a simple, understated design that is suitable for any setting. Pearls can be dressed up or down for the occasion, flexibility that can be seen by a simple pearl necklace. By adding a pearl necklace to jeans and a t-shirt and a cardigan, the outfit gets a little dressed up but not so much that it won’t fit in at a casual event. On the opposite end of the spectrum, adding that same pearl necklace to a dress fit for an evening of fine dining completes the outfit. This flexibility is the same that can be experienced with a set of Perel cufflinks as well.

A gorgeous, long sleeve silk blouse would be a perfect fit for a pair of Pérèl cufflinks, but seeing as it is warming up outside, there are some other options for Perel as well. Adding a pair of Perel cufflinks to a short sleeve or three quarter length blouse with cuffs would be a great way to give it a pop of flair. Even though they would be the traditional long sleeves, any outfit that can have the accessory of these Pérèl cufflinks would be elevated to another level.

The simple pearl design is reminiscent of “ladies who lunch” with their pearl necklaces and nice but not overly flashy ensembles.  Perel is also reminiscent of accessories that the ladies of the southern United States would wear in films such as “Steel Magnolias”. As all of these characters are getting ready for the big wedding, the gorgeous pearl and silver cufflinks are some that would fit in perfectly for the big day.

A pair of Pérèl cufflinks could be a fantastic wedding gift for a bride as well. By gifting a pair to her, she could have “something new” and be able to “wear” them on her big day. Even if she does not have a shirt that accommodates cufflinks for her wedding day, Pérèl is so beautiful they could be worked into her bouquet. She could then wear her “something new” many times over after the big day and have a sweet memory connected to Pérèl every time she looks at them.

As with all of the Purple Luxe cufflinks, Pérèl is handcrafted in Montreal and comes pre-boxed, ready for you to love or to gift to someone who will love them forever as well.   

Until then,

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