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Happy New Year, Everyone!


2017 has just started. Instead of weaving dreams in the air, making resolutions that have significance in and add a meaning to your life is imperative. Today, let’s take a look for some inspirations!


#1. Be fit – Exercise is an important element to promote health. Just start by moving and shaking your body through jogging and running. Kettlebells are great too. 


#2. Eat Health – Think before you put any morsel in your mouth. A smoothie a day is a great start. Occasional indulgence should be there. 


#3. Unplug and de-stress. This sounds easier than it actually is, and there is no magic tip. You have to find your own haven whether it is a trip or going to the spa! 


#4. Contribute to a Cause – Giving back to a great organization help making the world a better place to live in.


#5. Live up Your #LuxeLife – Professional growth is okay, but your personal life requires attention too. Strike a balance. See our guide Essential Tips to a #LuxeLife


#6. Fun with Family and Friends – Bonding with the family and friends will add a treasure trove of memories for you to cherish all your life.

Bonding with the family and friends will add a treasure trove of memories for you to cherish all your life.


#7. Make your wardrobe work for you – Since you are maximizing on your #LuxeLife, your wardrobe needs to reflect your power moves. Get a great pair of cufflinks, a white buttoned-down shirt, a silk blouse, a great Prada bag, a classic black trouser, a pair of Louboutin shoes and a magnificent skirt! 


#8. Learn something new – Learning has no age. Whether you have a life project or you want to pick up where you left off, they are great resources out there!


#9. Treasure your finances – Splurge is fun, but saving should be the way of living. Plan with your future in mind. Relax the grip once in a while for that blissful indulgence. But should be just one or two annual affairs. Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin is a great way to get you started! 


#10. Learn new skills – Learning new skills is always essential and a value addition too. You could learn on How to Start a Youtube Channel or How to Blog . The sky is the limit!  


#11. Wowed By Wanderlust – If new places interest you, plan to reach out to them. Life should be lived now! You may consider including a fund in your annual budget to finance your new endeavor!


#12. Adopt a Pet – The devotion and loyalty of a pet can never be matched. Feel the love by giving one a home.


#13. Wreck a Record – This does not necessarily have to be a world record. It could be your own set standards — getting better grades in school, saving more than last year – anything.


#14. Bring some sizzle to your daily life.   Plan a candlelight dinner. Bring some fresh flowers to your bedroom. This will spark your life.

Spark your life

#15. Do a good deed everyday – Nothing feels better than seeing a smile on someone. Do your bit to stand by people who need support. Every little help matters.


#16. Up your status – They are several ways to upgrade your lifestyle; appearance, intelligence, style, wealth and/or happiness. Once you determine where you want to invest, create an action plan to make it happen.


#17. Revamp your décor! – Beautifying where you live is the easiest way to beautify your life with a feel good factor.


#18. Learn French – Isn’t the language of style and elegance? Language skills are always an added plus.


#19. De-clutter your life and house – Life will be more organized with the unnecessary extras gone — donate the unnecessary stuff to charity. If you want, give them to a thrift store!


#20. No Waste Commitment – If there is something you don’t want – food, clothes, etc — hand it down to those who do.


#21. Give up on a bad habit – Yes, no more biting nails, biting your lips, etc. 


#22. Endear a Diary – Expressing feelings is essential for the soul! And, nothing pleases a literary mind more than a few solitary moments with pen and paper. Starting a Diary is the way to go!

Expressing feelings is essential for the soul!


#23. Enrich your vocabulary – Communication is vital in any sphere of life. Enrich your vocabulary to master the art of reaching out.


#24. 2016 resolutions? – If you still feel that the resolutions you made last year and abandoned midway are worth a second shot, give it another chance!


#25. Look Where You Stand – Have you made a load of resolutions last New Year’s Eve? Accessed how far you have stood by them? If not, it is the time you do!


#26. Monitor Progress – Resolve this year to monitor how far you are holding on to your commitment – it will help you to hang on.


#27. Build an audience on Social Media – If you want to share your passion with others, social media would help you get back to the grove. Building an audience creates exchange and possibilities…


#28. Make your hobby your daily bread – When your hobby becomes your profession it not only brings in money but also makes working a fun experience. 


#29. Get Organized – This is the key to making life easy, manage time and live stress-free. Make a proper To-Do list, and you are half way there already.


#30. Use Your Green Thumb – Start to grow something... Anything! It doesn't have to be a garden. A few potted plants will liven up your living space.


#31. It’s all about reading! – E-books are all great and convenient, but nothing compares to the luxury of snuggling up with a nice read. Hit the library and feel it.


Do these goals or resolution inspire you for 2017? What are your resolutions? Please write your comments below, we would love to hear you!


Until then,

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