I am 25. I wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista, but I do follow runway trends, and adore shopping. On a scale of 0 to 10, zero being “What’s a Chanel” to ten being “Have you seen Naeem Khan’s new collection”, I’d stand at a happy seven. Thrift shopping is LIFE, but I do know Zara’s collections pretty much by heart. Shoe game and bag game is strong here, but other accessories not so much.

I stick to the necessary when it comes to jewellery, but I invest in nice pieces: the clean distinguished watch, a significant ring and always a gold necklace (be it bold or very simple). Recently, I have fallen for something quite different, and that’s CUFFLINKS. Sorry men, we’re taking this one too.

Now, my generation isn’t the biggest fan of collared shirts. I believe it is because most of the nice ones cost too much for our underemployed selves, but they haven’t been that trendy in the past decade. Most would associate shirts with corporate jobs, and I used to myself. Except, they are not. See, those examples (IG images)...I know right, you’re imagining if you could pull it off yourself!

Going back to the main event: cufflinks! (Apologies, ADD girl here)

As I started wearing more shirts, I realized cufflinks would be a nice touch to the outfit, without feeling like I was really accessorizing. And, I love them on men. I found out, unfortunately, that the women’s cufflinks offered out there are often made cheap, and I like to believe I have enough class (except when Tequila is involved) to not wear Zircon hearts or sparkly ladybugs. Until I found these: ROYAL and PÉREL (insert Purple Luxe’s images), and they were designed and made in my hometown! #Montreal

I fell in love. My shirts did not have the proper holes to go along with the cufflinks, so I altered them myself (check the YouTube videos below, anyone can do it!).

Wearing Wonder in the picture below!


They offer a nice classic white shirt on PL’s website, but I’m quite the fan of black shirts and colored ones!

Putting them on is a breeze and I get tons of compliments about them. It also makes me feel like a baller to be honest, and FYI, they are a great conversation starter with men.

Check out for the ones mentioned above, and show off your new and improved cuffs!

P.S.: Check out Purple Luxe’s Cufflinks for Women! I have fallen in love with them, so classy and chic. They even sell cufflinks adapted white shirt. All designed and created in Montréal. To discover and shop cufflinks: Click here to order Now!

P.P.S.: If you are also looking for a chic & timeless blouse. Click Here!



Ines Benassou, from Montreal, CA MSc in molecular biology and Sales Rep in biotech. Not your typical fashionista. Curious and into unique standout pieces. Happy places: thrift shops and Neiman Marcus/Saks outlets. 

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