vintage cufflinks

Ivy has something to say - she wants to share her gorgeous, classic and sparkly style with you. 

For either day or night, this gorgeous London Blue stone is an impressive look for anytime of the day that you want to sparkle. The London Blue stone is set in sterling silver and has a twinkle of clear cubic zirconium around the edge of the cufflink.  

Consider how many accessories you pile on at the start of everyday - then take a few off and add some cufflinks - that’s all you need! The flash and impressiveness of the London Blue stone can take the place of a ring or bracelet, no problem, so unload and shine with one simple piece.

The vintage square design is perfect for all of your ensembles, especially those that you want to add a pop to. The vintage feel is a great statement of what your style may be. The Ivy is made for a lady who likes to be classic but also stand out. She likes classic films and old Hollywood movie stars; she likes the twinkle and spark of the screen. She wants to hit the red carpet at her own fabulous events in life.

It does not matter if she is going to work or going out on a fabulous evening on the town, she will sparkle and shine bright all day and night long.

 Another one of the inspirations of these cufflinks calls to is the amazing engagement ring that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was given by Prince William in 2010. This ring inspired so many designs in clothing and jewelry, but the Ivy cufflinks are a stand out. With the classically stylish design, the simplicity of Ivy will stand up forever.  

You might have to even watch where they go- if you’ve got a daughter or friends who know good fashion, they might be something that they want to borrow on multiple occasions.


One of the most inspiring parts of the Ivy cufflinks is the fact that they are handcrafted in Montreal.  The local, handcrafting ensures that quality stays superior and you are also helping the cycle of gorgeous, classic and handmade accessories continue on. Ivy is also delivered to you fashionably boxed and ready to wear.

After that, the rest is up to you- bring on the fabulous and classic beauty. Wear them proudly and think about how much Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe would be in awe of your gorgeous new Ivy cufflinks for women.  

Until then,

P.S. Want to add IVY to your accessory collection?

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