Cufflinks can be quite flexible across a wardrobe, believe it or not. There are quite a few different outfits that can be enhanced by adding a set of these small but mighty accessories to them. The name of the game is enhancing the look and cufflinks can make that happen. It is especially exciting to think of what a wide variety of ensembles can benefit from a pair of beautiful women’s cufflinks.

A typical outfit one would think of with cufflinks being worn is more than likely a long sleeve blouse with a pair of work pants. This is one nice way to wear the accessories, but what if you wanted to make it a little different? Try swapping the pants for a pair of nice shorts. The outfit can still look quite polished, just as with the pants, but be a little more fun with the shorts. With the shorts, more focus would be on your top and in turn, the cufflinks as well.

Another way to wear cufflinks is with patterns and fur. Thinking about that typical blouse and pants outfit, you may want to make it a little funkier. By wearing a patterned blouse, you can still pull of a clean, classic look but with a funky edge. The fur is a very fashionable way to inject another texture and even a little warmth into what could be an otherwise classic outfit.  By rocking the pattern or fur look with a pair of simple cufflinks, you could ground the entire look with this neutral accessory that still warrants a second look from those around.

One very trendy way to wear cufflinks is a tuxedo jumpsuit. This look is one that is more suited for formal affairs and can also have a very sexy look to it. Cufflinks are the perfect accessory for this outfit, too. The tuxedo jumpsuit is an outfit that speaks volumes without trying too hard- it is sleek, generally simple and stands alone. This simple look is a perfect one for cufflinks, as they add just the right amount of bling or sparkle. This look is one that you do not want to over style either, so some cufflinks and earrings will do the trick- simple enough.  


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