A cuff shirt has always been timely and the quickest shortcut to chic.

As unpretentious as blue jeans, as refined as a glamorous gown, the cuff shirt has an uncontested relationship with cufflinks. It is clearly a literal blank slate for fashion lovers who regularly tinker with it.

However, they are many things that need to be expected from a cuff shirt…

Great Fabric

The hands-down most important component of any garment is its fabric. No matter how beautiful the details or how well-crafted the seams are, a cuff shirt made from a flimsy, scratchy or pilling fabric is never a good addition to any wardrobe.

Also, think of it this way – fabrics are like a second layer of skin and it is important that we feel comfortable, especially in a cuff shirt.

Tailored Fit

Cuff shirts are created with a number of style elements that are beneficial to achieve a tailored fit look.

Investing in a great cuff shirt is a great addition to any wardrobe and, as a result, it is important to be aware of keys features of cuff shirts according to your for body types.

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Cuff Shirt Features

Poplin or twill construction

Vertical darts on the bodice

Horizontal darts on the bodice

Standing collar

Style Benefits

Produces a structured white dress shirt that remains crisp through the day

Provide a visible waistline in a cuff shirt's silhouette

Emphasis a woman's curves and bust line

Replicates the formal appearance of men's professional attire

Designed cuffs for cufflinks

Purple Luxe brings out another feature to the shirt - the cuffs that are designed for cufflinks.

The rounded cuffs are a quite exclusive women shirt cuff. Indeed, it has button holes to sport any desired cufflinks. The rounded cuffs are very delicately open.

They are also several type of cuff shirt and Purple Luxe seeks to develop more to suit your style needs.

Now that you have discover how to put on cufflinks and distinguish a great women’s cuff shirt, we will see when is the best time to wear women’s cufflinks in our next post.

Until then,

Love, peace and cufflinks




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