What you need to know about "The Stand", our Fall Collection. Behind every look we design, is the definition of the women we design it for. 

The Stand is an attitude that is defined by being sufficiently courageous to dare, be different and remembered. Our distinctive pieces reflect those standpoints. 

The Purple Luxe woman is bold

Tenacity and audacity are her two main characteristics. She is a born leader who knows how to get things done and how to run things!  Beyoncé was right when she sang: ‘’who run the world? Girls!’’  It is definitely the bold woman’s anthem! 

The Purple Luxe woman is unique

Unapologetically beautiful in her own way; Unapologetically fashion-forward; Unapologetically herself.  That woman stands out in crowd full of people. She is different. She has flair and she has that ‘’Je ne sais quoi.’’ She pairs stripes, colors and accessories in a different way and it works! She has her own style and she is not defined by what is trending although she will use it to make it her own.  She doesn’t look like anyone else and she doesn’t care! She is simply her.

The Purple Luxe woman is iconic

She is the definition of class. She is timeless. You will remember her whether you like it or not. She leaves a lasting impression and you can’t help it: you respect her and a part of you wants to be like herself.

The collection will offer you a variety of cufflinks that are bold, unique and iconic. 


Until next time,

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