Binder, Notebook and Pen

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Once you get your desk set up, you can’t forget a good binder, notebook and pen. There are so many different papers and files that need to stay organized, so keeping a notebook with different sections can be key. By being able to file away your documents, you can keep clutter clear and help keep your desk more calm.  Add to that a good notebook and pen and you are set. Make sure the notebook is one that you are comfortable writing in and that it makes you happy. There are so many different notebooks out there with different saying, patterns or illustrations on them, along with being different sizes, that there is sure to be one that catches your fancy. In order to take the best notes, try out a few different kinds of pens and figure out what you like the most. If there’s a pen that you love the feel of, that’s the one you should buy many of. By having great office supplies, your job is made much easier because they can make you happy when you are using them.


Overall, happiness is the key - if you have items on your desktop and that you use at work that make you smile every day, work will not seem quite as much like work, but be a more enjoyable part of your day. Here’s to calm, neat & happy workspaces!

Until then,

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